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    They might not make Brentmere static caravans anymore, but that doesn’t mean we won’t buy them!

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Here at I Buy Caravans, our expert agents will provide you with an up to date assessment of the true value of your Brentmere caravan, so you know exactly what its worth. There’s no pressure to sell your caravan to us, but if you decide it’s time to part ways then we’ll make the whole process quick and easy for you.

If you’re looking for a fast sale, you’ll love our caravan buying service. We’ve got agents across the UK, so wherever your static caravan is based, there’ll be an expert nearby who can come and take a look at it. We’ll give you a figure there and then, so you’ll know exactly what to expect, and you could even see the money in your bank on the same day.

We’ll take care of relocation and dealing with the holiday park, so the sale of your Brentmere caravan will be hassle-free. If you think it’s time to upgrade to a new static caravan, or if you just don’t want the cost of maintaining your Brentmere any more, get a free valuation now.

  • I sold my ageing Brentmere lodge to UK caravans direct. I sent photos of the van and a price was agreed. A deposit was sent to my bank account, and the rest sent the day it was collected.

We Buy Brentmere Caravans

We’ll buy static caravans of any model or manufacturer, so if you don’t see your model listed we will still be able to help. Just get in touch for your free valuation.

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